HikeBeyondLI: Pollmiller Lake Park

Where: Pollmiller Lake Park (West Point, Iowa)

What: Hike (trail, varied)

Snacks: Kim’s Confections Bakery (West Point, Iowa)

I want to start off by saying that bug spray is a must. I was eaten alive. If you know me personally you’ve seen this and laughed about it. I’m like a little kid in the summer, despite my best efforts I always end up a little bruised, bug bitten and sunburnt. Iowa has more bodies of water, and is far more humid than anticipated. As someone whose no stranger to humidity, this felt a little new.

Pollmiller is a lake, campground, playground and all around neat destination, if a little confusing. Parking lots are scattered along a paved loop and hit various points of interest including a swimming area. No parking along the road. Dogs are allowed but must be leashed.

Trails are paved or gravel. For the first time, in a long time I didn’t track any mileage and just went with the flow. Sometimes we all need a serene little reminder to just exist. Enjoy the sounds of unfamiliar wildlife. Enjoy the paved, wide, flat trails and the ample sun. Be prepared for minimal to not shade coverage. As a New Yorker, the lack of shade was something to adjust to. Benches are scattered along the trail for those in need of a rest.

This place feels like I once saw it in a dream. The winding paved paths and the winding roads all tap into something, like when walking a labyrinth. Speaking of dreams, I had the dreamiest blueberry lemon bread pudding at Kim’s Confections Bakery. Seriously, I didn’t know my life was missing such a confection.

See you on the trails,

x Jess

PS: I don’t know if there are ticks here. But, living where I live, I watch for them always. It is just the Long Island way.

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