HikeLI: Welwyn Preserve

Where: Welwyn Preserve (Glen Cove, NY)

What: Hike (trail, unpaved)

Snacks: Karmic Grinds (Locust Valley, NY)

Welwyn Preserve County Park is located at 100 Crescent Beach Road in Glen Cove. It is 204 acres of the Gold Coast estate of industrialist Harold Pratt. The original mansion now holds Nassau County’s Holocaust museum. Preserve and museum however differ. As of this writing there is no parking fee for preserver goers. Museum admission is $10.

A housekeeping note. Dogs are not allowed at the preserve. This was a great feature to me, given how ubiquitous off leashed dogs are where I frequent. However, no one checks and no one listens. If you’re looking for a dog free hike this might not be it. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy a hike when dogs you don’t know are constantly running up to you.

The trail itself is roughly 2.4 miles and consists of cobblestones closer to the estate, paved potions and dirt. The main draw are the portions of the estate that were left untouched. Greenhouse structures, garages and small ancillary buildings near the main estate house. Time and graffiti have claimed all of them, so do proceed with caution.

The trail is unmarked, so we left up the All Trails map the entire time. (According to the Nassau County website there are four marked trails. While I believe them, with the amount of graffiti, it maybe be very difficult to trust a perceived blaze.)

Without it, we would have gotten lost in all of the interlocking footpaths. Which, gave the appearance of old carriage roads. The trail is overgrown in many places, be sure to check for ticks on your way out.

Ruins aside the trail boasts a beach and some other lovely water features. It is incredibly buggy so be prepared.

The morning ended with coffees from Karmic Grind.

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