Heckscher Park

Where: Heckscher Park and art museum (Huntington, NY)

What: Casual stroll (trail, paved)

Snacks: Ella’s (Huntington, NY)

Let’s talk short, sweet, no stress kind of days. Days where your only worry is parking in busy Long Island towns. Speaking of, on a rainy, unseasonably chilly day, parking was still at a premium. To the point where you feel relief after parking. Or maybe I’m just overthinking this. Everyone knows I hate when parking isn’t easy.

Heckscher Park is located at the corner of 25a and Prime Avenue, about a ten minute walk from the 110 / 25a intersection. Ample parking onsite, but, if you want to pair it with a day in town I recommend taking advantage of the sidewalks and the short walk by parking in town. Yes, I know that I just said parking was at a premium in town and ample at Heckscher but you can leave your car in town. You can’t park at Heckscher all day.

The 18 acre park was donated to Huntington by August and Nannie Heckscher, and has been under jurisdiction of the town since 1954. The grounds boast an art museum, which I was too late to see, a playground and sport fields. Art museum closes at 5pm and I believe the grounds, as of this writing are until dusk.

It is a short, sweet little walk with lots of flowers. The paved network is probably about a twenty minute stroll through. Tulip season, currently.

Paired the day with fancy pizza at Ella’s and a stroll around Northport harbor. Pizza not pictured. Do you know how hard it is to get an appetizing photo of pizza? So take this cool colored drink as consolation.

Speaking of, if you fancy yourself an art person; Northport is home to beautiful galleries. Take a stroll, take in some art, grab a coffee and relax in the gazebos by the harbor.

See you on the trails,


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