HikeLI: Hunter’s Point South Park

Where: Hunter’s Point South Park (Long Island City, NY)

What: Walk (path, paved)

Snacks: Black Star Bakery Cafe (Long Island City, NY)

Enter at Center Boulevard between 50th Avenue and 2nd Street. GPS this one because I got off at Woodside and followed my heart. Well, not really, I followed a friend. But, it felt like following my heart because it was a) pouring and b) my mask wasn’t helping the situation with my glasses. I should wear my contacts more often, but hear me out, after a time my eyes get bloodshot and itchy. It’s unpredictable so we limit usage to special occasions requiring false lashes.

That being said, I don’t look as outdoorsy as I feel. If it wasn’t obvious from the false lash comment.

I like trains. Something about them, whether I’m going to DC, the Midwest or into Manhattan fills me with such longing and possibility. I don’t always pretend my life is a romance novel but, I’m infatuated with the idea that one day I’ll feel magic. Unlike other people I can’t romanticize Manhattan. Although, I really want to. Commute to the City on enough rush hour trains, in varying degrees of inclement weather and you’ll understand where the magic gets lost.

On to the park. South Hunter’s is a relatively new waterfront park with great views of Manhattan. Provided cityscapes are something you enjoy. It boasts a playground, dog park, bikeway and a seriously dedicated running community.

The park is maintained by the Hunter’s Point Parks Conservatory. It was opened in 2018 and is roughly 10 acres. The park itself is a short sweet walk but, if you’re a dog person it is really dreamy. Watch the dogs. Pet the dogs. Enjoy the cityscape.

For snacks we head to Black Star Bakery Cafe for a flat white. Sadly, no seating inside of the restaurant, a business decision based on current conditions. You know the ones; the same ones that require masks.

See you in the trails,

x Jess

2 thoughts on “HikeLI: Hunter’s Point South Park

  1. I wonder if your feeling on trains is related to trains being liminal spaces. “Liminal spaces are transitional or transformative spaces. They are the waiting areas between one point in time and space and the next.”

    I love that there are still new parks being made to explore!


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