HikeBeyond: Stoppel Point

Where: Somewhere in the Catskills

What: Trail, Unpaved (rocky and flooded)

Snacks: Yum Yum Noodle Bar (Woodstock, NY)

Hello friends. Welcome to another entry of this. What have you been up to? Me, I’ve been roaming the same familiar woods, reading and putting INOJ’s Love You Down on repeat. I’m also feeling like, as Cat Marnell described, “A lonely weirdo who feels like she’s under water most of the time.” I’ve also been baking and playing with flowers, a lot.

This weekend, in an attempt to stop moping (and feeling the weight of my personal life coupled with the pandemic), I ventured to Woodstock, NY. Stayed at the contactless Woodstock Inn and spent time roaming Main Street and meandering in the woods.

This adventure begins at Mary’s Glen and ends at the Stoppel Point plane crash site and is an out and back. You can continue on to Dutcher’s Notch from here and beyond if you so choose. Parking is located at the North South Lake Falls Campground. Address 874 North Lake Road Haines Falls, NY 12436. The recommendation is to get there early. By the time we left, there was a line 15 cars long to get in. As of this writing there was a $10.00 parking fee.

The trail, the date we went was after a rain storm. Hike the Catskills they say. It’s beautiful in the fall, they say. Well, it is, but … it’s also rocky, slippery and flooded out in places. Choose your own risk level. We fell, not hard. We got wet, but not soaked.

The problem with rocky, flooded, slippery trails is the mental energy it takes to stay safe. That person you pass in Converse is going to have a hard time. You, my friend shouldn’t have a hard time with appropriate footwear.

Wind along the red trail, use caution, some of the blazes are difficult to find. When you reach North Ledge look for the informational sign and follow the blue blazes. The next informational sign you see go left and keep going until you get to the crash site. Turn around and go back the way you came or continue in to Dutcher’s Notch and beyond.

History brief: The crash occurred in 1983 and the plane is still there. The pilot died. He did not have a flight plan and only had a revoked student pilot license (information from Catskill Mountaineer).

The Woodstock Inn is walking distance from the main drag. You have your choice of shops and eateries. Woodstock itself is very vegan friendly when it comes to food options. Today’s adventure enter at Yum Yum Noodle Bar.

See you on the trails,


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