HikeLI: David A. Sarnoff Preserve

Where: David A. Sarnoff Preserve (Riverhead, NY)

What: Hike (trail, unpaved)

Snacks: Main Street Biscuit Co. (Jamesport, NY)

This DEC managed property is off limits during shotgun season and requires a permit to hike on. Don’t let that deter you; hunting season starts the first Sunday in January and ends on the 31st. As far as hiking permits go, it is a form you fill out yourself through the DEC website. You print it. Part stays on your dashboard and the other on your person. There isn’t a simpler permitting process.

Now that the housekeeping items are out of the way, let’s talk parking. There are multiple one to two car cutouts around the perimeter of the preserve. I usually use the area after the Route 24 traffic circle on Riverleigh Avenue. After exiting the traffic circle this alcove will be on your right. Look for a sign designating the preserve. Signs will tell you that you can’t park from sunset to sunrise.

Follow the paved access road (on foot), while keeping a close eye to your left. You’ll want to be on the look out for a red trail blaze to begin the 4.4 mile loop trail. Here’s where it gets tricky, this area is a little sparse, making the trail hard to locate. Rumor has it, due to beetle infestations trees had to be removed. They litter where we begin and end the loop. The trail markers are still in place.

After you navigate this section, the trail is well marked and easy to follow. Keep looking for those red blazes. A yellow trail runs through the preserve but that isn’t our loop. At various points you’ll see directional markers. The trail to kettle hole is completely overgrown, so, if bushwhacking is your thing, have at it. The trail to Wildwood Lake sends you to a residential road. The lake will be up on your left through the trees.

Toward the end of the loop, you’ll begin to lose trail again. Thanks to those pesky beetles. Just keep moving, safely forward. The blazes, for the most part, are still up in this section. Once you’re back on the access road, your loop is complete.

I didn’t see anyone else on the trail or in the parking area. It’s mostly flat, largely enjoyably but it is lacking any major view points. If a nice, quiet walk in the woods is what you’re craving this one is for you.

Headed over to Main Street Biscuit Co. afterwards. It was crowded for a winter morning but not unpleasant. Super cute place, diner style breakfast.

See you on the trails,



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