HikeLI: Southards Pond Park

Where: Southards Pond Park (Babylon, NY)

What: Hike (trail, unpaved)

Snacks: Villa Bella Bakery (West Babylon, NY)

Once upon a time a girl ordered a Negroni. They are her favorite cocktail. But, she was at a trendy spot and it wasn’t called a Negroni. It has some cheeky name so she ordered it by that cheeky name. The waiter asked her if she was sure. He said because, “it’s basically a Negroni and people find them bitter.” Cool.

So, Babylon. I have mixed feelings about it. During the day I love it for the cute town it is. At night, when I go, I text at least one person to ask them why i keep participating in the same sh*t show. None of this means anything, I’m just feeling chatty today. If recipe bloggers can give you their life story, I guess I can give you the story of a day as opposed to the story of a hike.

So, I drink my Negroni slowly. They used a gin brand called ‘Old Tom’, which, was surprisingly awesome. One of the best Negronis I’ve ever had, minus the whole are-you-sure conversation. Whatever, I’m with cool people and I’m not as bitter as my favorite cocktail.

As a team of four we head off to Southards Pond Park. I like the entrance at Pond Place and Southard Lane. Use the intersection for your address. There is a sign, a pretty clear entrance and you can park on the street. The Park has many entrances but I think this one is the simplest to get to.

The park loop is about 1.4 miles. It is flat, packed dirt and only narrow in a few places. Muddy in a handful of places but as it hugs the lake closely and is sometimes flanked by water on both sides, this is expected. Wear shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy.

Via the Sunrise Highway underpass you can connect all of the way to Belmont Lake State Park. It’s a nice walk. Lots of dogs, lots of people on bicycle, lots of people in general. It is the most suburban trail you’ll ever walk.

Keeping things Italian today, Villa Bella reminds me of the Italian bakeries my grandmother used to ferry me to on Sunday mornings so that we could have smorgasbord of pastries with Sunday sauce. It’s a smell and a vibe that I didn’t know I missed. Pignoli cookies and sfogliatella dominate my mind. Cappuccino with extra foam is always the play. Before I knew it I’m taking home half a pound of lemon drops because I have problems with nostalgia and a constant desire for sugar. Leave me to my gluttony.

See you on the trails,



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