HikeLI: Valley Stream State Park

Where: Valley Stream State Park (Valley Stream, NY)

What: Bike (paved, asphalt)

Snacks: Sip This (Valley Stream, NY)*

Valley Stream State Park is exit 15A off the Southern State Parkway, eastbound only. The 97 acre park is in a highly populated residential area on Long Island’s south shore. Much like most of South Western Nassau County it is a little crowded and a little dusty.

There is a small section of nature trail. By my very scientific meandering estimates, it’s about 3/4 of a mile. The whole thing is overgrown so watch for poison ivy and check yourself for ticks.

The paved portion is a 2.7 mile loop. It’s cute for a few passes. If slowing down for pedestrians and watching for people isn’t your thing skip this one. You’ll find people just hanging around on the loop standing and chatting or playing phone games. Apparently the park is great for Pokémon catching. I cannot independently confirm this.

Maybe I’m bias but Valley Stream State Park is better served as a family picnic spot than an outdoor adventure spot. I say this because we used to have our family reunions here. No picnic today and no family reunion since 1994 but I did head to Sip This for a dirty chai and a good book.

See you on the trails,



*As of June 26, 2020 this location is closed.

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