HikeLI: Udall’s Cove Park Preserve

Where: Udall’s Cove Park Preserve (Little Neck, NY)

What: Hike (trail, unpaved)

Snacks: Bean & Bean (Little Neck, NY)

Udall’s Cove Park Preserve is located in Queens at the end of 34th Avenue in Little Neck. It’s kinda sorta off of Northern Boulevard (the Queens name for 25A) and I kinda sorta have no idea how to find it without GPS. You see, I found Udall’s Cove purely by accident after a cooking class in Manhasset. Do you do that? Just drive around when you’re in an unfamiliar area? No? Only me?

Udall’s Cove has space for about four cars at the trail head but don’t be surprised if all of those spots are taken by people that live in the neighborhood. It seems more like a cul-de-sac than an official parking lot anyway. Parking comes at premium ’round these parts. Street parking is allowed.

This place reminds me of a city version of a lover’s lane – right before the unnamed character gets murdered. It is eerily quiet for the City – marshy and mucky. If I were a little kid this is definitely a place where I would stand in the mud and pretend that it was quicksand. But, it is obvious that people don’t use this space to experience nature. Watch for debris – beer cans, and unfortunately needles.

The park is accompanied by Native American lore. Giants at war shaped the coastlines of the Long Island Sound by hurling boulders. But the space isn’t respected as an avenue to learn history. It is unfortunate.

Head to Bean & Bean on Northern Boulevard for delicious coffee, tasty treats and warm but industrial atmosphere.

See you on the trails,



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