BikeLI: Cupsogue Beach County Park

Where: Cupsogue Beach County Park (Westhampton, NY)

What: Bike (Road)

Snacks: Hampton Coffee (Westhampton Beach, NY)

Cupsogue Beach County Park sits at the western most end of Dune Road. Dune Road is a destination in of itself if you want to take a slow ride along the coast and see some enormous homes. If I’m being frank, I don’t know if there are any full time residents; it’s so quiet this time of year.

Dune Road is a roughly 14 mile stretch of road connecting Westhampton Dunes to Hampton Bays. It is flat, well maintained and idyllic. The road, however is prone to floods as evidence by the pools of water and homes on stilts. The speed limit is very strict.

The Hampton Bays side boasts restaurants and night life hot spots – some of which have been open since I was in high school. They might be passé at this point but, I wouldn’t know. Beaches, both public and private dot Dune road. The Westhampton side boasts the most popular beach of all – Cupsogue. Parking fee applies during the on season.

For me, the beach isn’t the big draw. It’s a great beach, don’t get me wrong but it’s a hot spot on season and a brooding patch of sand in the off season. It’s always dreary in the winter. I recall being in college and trying to get onto the beach at night, thwarted, always by local police. The draw for me is Dune road itself and the promise of quiet cycling in early winter.

I bike from the Westhampton side to the Hampton Bays side and always manage to catch a head wind on the way back. It’s daunting, but worth it. I do wish Surf Shack had winter hours, but that’s neither here nor there. A beer rounding out mile 24 or so sounds stellar.

After a wonderful, brisk ride I headed to Hampton Coffee Company for a cappuccino. The foam is the best part.

Make sure to rinse the sand from your bike.

See you on the trails,



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