HikeLI: Wertheim Wildlife Refuge

Where: Wertheim Wildlife Refuge, Shirley

What: Walk (trail, packed gravel and unpaved)

Snacks: Tend Coffee, Shirley

Werheim Wildlife Refuge can be found at 349 Smith Road 11967. Yes, dear readers, we’ve got a real address and a real parking lot. Wertheim winds along the Carmen River. Choose between the 1.5+ mile White Oak Trail or the 3.4 mile Black Tupelo Trail or do both for a gorgeous day, exploring a great outdoor space. I’ve done both and the White Oak Trail has better lookout points. While both trails are wide and flat, the White Oak maintains smoother surfaces.

Watch the kayakers, stop off at several great view points. Go slow, take it all in – there’s something magical here. The trails are separate, well marked loops with minimal room for error or confusion. Much of the park is accessible and dotted with signs pointing to accessible features and viewpoints.

There is also a visitors center with a restroom and helpful, onsite staff. Inside the center, find interactive exhibits.

I’m just going to let the photos speak for themselves on this one. It was a lovely day relaxing around the park. I capped the day off with cookies and a hot tea from Tend Coffee.

See you on the trails,



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