HikeBeyondLI: I Went to Maine

Where: Acadia National Park and Mackworth Island, Falmouth

What: Hiking (various)

Snacks and Extras: Ate my way through Bar Harbor and fruit picking at Dole’s Orchard

Hi friends! I went to Maine and spent three great days hiking around and enjoying the leaves and sunshine. Where to begin?

In Acadia National Park I did – Jordan Pond, South Bubble, The Bubble Divide, Ocean Walk, The Carriage Roads to Witch Hole and Beech Mountain. Followed by Mackworth Island on the way back to the airport. It was already off season but Bar Harbor and the surrounding area was so crowded that I can imagine what in season must be like, especially when it comes to parking. I read about a bus called Island Explorer but, it doesn’t run in off season.

Day 1: I couldn’t check into the motel until 3pm so with time to kill I grabbed lunch at a place called The Independent. It was a coffee shop / cafe with a blueberry coffee that tasted like it was vine ripened. Almond milk and sugar made it taste like pie in a cup. One spinach and hummus wrapped later, I was fueled for the park. For Acadia, find a visitors’ center to purchase a park pass. Like other National Parks, it is $30 for a week.

Parked in the Jordan Pond lot with the intent of walking the four miles or so around the lake. I got distracted by a sign for the South Bubble summit. It was less than half a mile away but it was rocky, steep and had an iron rung designed to help hoist yourself. It was by far the toughest scramble I’d ever completed. Once at the summit, I heard children’s voices. A family let my companion and I know that there was an easier way up. Oh. I went down through the Bubble Divide, super rocky with lots of loose rocks, back to Jordan Pond. To finish the loop take the wood plank boardwalk. It was marshy and felt never ending.

Day 2: I made an attempt to see sunrise from Cadillac Mountain but it was so foggy seeing your hand in front of your face was difficult. Huge shoutout to my friend Lauren who braved the fog from behind the wheel. Instead I went to Jeannie’s Great Maine Breakfast for apple cinnamon pancakes. Vegan pancakes! Caught sunset though. It rained and Acadia has lots of hikes with iron rungs and ladders so I stuck with Ranger recommended safe hikes. I meandered through carriage roads to Witches Hole. It was roughly six miles of lakes and one terrifying lake with dozens of dead trees surrounded by the colors of fall. Ocean Walk was incredibly crowded but I managed to see gorgeous cliffs and beautiful water views.

Day 3: I have a thing for fire towers and to look for them wherever I go.* Found one at Acadia. The roughly two mile Beech Mountain Summit. Park in the Beech Mountain parking area and take one of two paths up. I took the steeper trail up and the less steep trail down. It was a great decision with gorgeous views on the way down that I would have missed if my back were to them. Terrain was rocky but no scrambling required.

Headed back to the airport and stopped at Mackworth Island. It was so cute! About a mile and a half, flat and accessible. There were swings and fairy huts and gorgeous overlooks. Just magical.

See you on the trails!



*I realize that all of this is written in ‘I’ statements despite traveling with my Lauren. She and I always find fire-towers together.

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