HikeBeyondLI: A Super Fall Day

Where: Rockefeller State Park, Pleasantville and Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

What: Hike (trail, carriage road)

Snacks and Extras: Pik Nik BBQ and Muddy Water Coffee, Tarrytown and Horseman’s Hollow

Hello friends! Welcome to a spooky Halloween edition of JessaHikes. Today we leave Long Island and head to 125 Phelps Way in Pleasantville, NY. About a half hour outside of Manhattan, Rockefeller State Park is a favorite fall destination of mine.

Park in one of the ample spaces and pay the $6 fee at the machines. Use the restroom if you need to and head under the archway. (I know!An address, restrooms – beautiful) Take a map from the visitors’ center and get moving. There are dozens of miles of trails at Rockefeller, most of which are packed gravel carriage roads.

Follow the map and make your own path. Trails are all named, but short and connect well. I took a stroll around the lake, up to an Overlook then over to the river to Witches Spring and Big Tree and back around. It was a gorgeous loop that took about two hours. Whenever I go, I try to take a new path.

It is difficult to give concrete directions through the park. Paths are numerous and winding. The park is comprised of 45 miles of carriage roads donated by the Rockefellers. I’ve been about a dozen times and have yet to hit every patch of trail. There are beautiful water features including an aqueduct and stunning bridges throughout. Plan some time and really get lost here. Gentle gradients make it an easy place to meander.

Next I headed over to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Fun fact – it was originally marketed as a park! Spend time with family both here and from the beyond. The cemetery tour is excellent – filled with stories. Our guide mentioned that she doesn’t tell ghost stories so as not to spark panic on the tour.

Following this, head into Tarrytown. BBQ fan? Head to Pik Nik for neat sides and flavorful dishes. It was cute, cozy and delicious. Food photography skills, poor. Food images not included.

Grabbed a quick coffee at Muddy Water before heading to a spooky walk. Muddy Water had every non-dairy milk a girl could ask for. Oat, almond, soy and coconut, oh my. Plus vegan treats.

Horseman’s Hollow was an Ichabod Crane themed spooky walk (obviously!). Scare level 3 out of 10. Costuming 8 out of 10. Ambiance 10 out of 10. It was on the grounds of the Philipsburg Manor and it was stellar. Candle lit pathways, scares and picturesque grounds. Beware, spooky walk contains strobe lights.

See you on the trails!



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