First Responders Memorial Recreational Field

Where: First Responders Memorial Recreational Field (FRMRF), Islandia, NY

What: Walk (trail, paved)

Snacks: 7-11, Islandia and Thai Angel, Islandia

I want to preface this by saying, I’m aware that this isn’t a hike. It is a walk at a park. But, it is one I enjoy when I’m short on time, don’t want to be bothered by vehicles and want to work my upper body.

It also wouldn’t be a Long Island based blog without a trip to 7-11. You can disagree with me here. There are also no photos of a 7-11 coffee cup. I’m sorry that I let you down.

FRMRF is a place you drive by, stumble upon and bookmark for future use but never manage to return to. Find it again, whatever that outdoor space is for you.

To get there use the address for the Islandia Village Hall. The parking area is located there and the park itself is across the street. Use the crosswalk; crossing Old Nichols Road can get hectic.

I stopped here after a lunch trip to Thai Angel (Islandia). Full of green curry, I set off on my little jaunt. Green curry not pictured because honestly, as tasty as I find it, it doesn’t photograph well. Now, I’ve let you down twice in one post. Forgive me?

FRMRF is about a 10-15 minute walk around an athletic field. The trail is paved, smooth and wide. There are also ample benches for the easily fatigued among us. Take a stroll, have a seat or work your upper body. Wait. What?

The little trail boasts outdoor athletic equipment, chest press, pull up bars and more. It is a cozy little fitness trail. You might have an audience but, I encourage you, if you want to, to take full advantage.

Once my little work out was complete I walked to 7-11. It is diagonally across the street about a block from the parking lot for FRMRF. I really want to drive around Long Island rating and reviewing 7-11s. If that dream were to come true, this one would get a B+.

See you on the trails,



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