HikeLI: Blydenburgh County Park

Where: Blydenburgh County Park, Smithtown

What: Hike (trail, unpaved)

Snacks: Duck Donuts, Hauppague

When I come to Blydenburgh, I park by the dog run. Enter the park at the Veteran’s Highway entrance across from the government offices. Sometimes there is a parking fee, sometimes there isn’t. It all depends on the time of day, the season and the gate attendant. It is all very fickle. Once, the gate attendant was too busy finishing a cigarette and waved me right through in the middle of a Saturday afternoon during the summer. How generous of him.

Veer right. The road will eventually turn to dirt and the parking entrance will be to the left. You’ll see the dog run and access to the trail. Enter the trail through the large opening in the trees and head straight down to the pond. To your right you’ll see blue blazes. That’s your trail.

Today, I’m taking you through all six or so miles of the blue trail. Lucky you! Follow the blue blazes around the pond. You’ll cross over foot bridges and have access to viewpoints. The blue trail eventually becomes unmarked in favor white blazes. These blazes share trail with the Greenbelt Trail. Make sure you hug the pond. If you see the pink house after the second mile, you’re on the right track. Continue to hug the pond until the blue blazes reappear. Sometimes blue is green, sometimes blue and green share trees. I’m not sure why, it’s like someone decided to casually spray paint a few trees. Continue to follow the blue.

The trail is largely well marked but be vigilant. Eventually the trail intersects the road. It doesn’t end here. Keep your eyes focused left to continue the blue trail back toward the pond toward the boat house. Boat rentals for all! I took a break and watched the boaters for a bit. There wasn’t anyone around to discuss rentals with, sadly.

The trail is serene and only lightly hilly in a few parts. Beautiful views of the pond throughout. Occasionally buggy. Occasionally unmanageably so. Seriously, why are Long Island mosquitos so good at defying bug spray? Is it me? Do I sweat it off? Am I extra delicious? Please never try to lick me.

Follow the blue blazes until you end up back at your starting point. Poll time! Did I say follow the blue too much?

Donuts are a meh dessert for me. I know, I know …but Jess… then why were they your snack this week? Because, dear friends these are made to order, fresh out of the fry oil with the toppings of your choice. Plus, rubber ducks. Everywhere.

See you on the trails!



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