BikeLI: Port Jefferson – Setauket Greenway

Where: Port Jefferson – Setauket Greenway, Port Jefferson Entrance

What: Biking (trail, paved)

Snacks: All around Port Jefferson

I use this trail when I really want to feel it in my legs and in my chest. This trail is hilly and starting from one entrance as opposed to another doesn’t spare you. Think of it like a 6.4 mile HITT workout.

The trail isn’t a head down, enjoy the ride kind of trail. You have to be as vigilant as you would be on the road. There are leashed dogs, ample runners and walkers, and small switchbacks on downhills. The greenway also has more street crossings than miles. Some street crossings beep at you, others are four way stops with the road, but, most are just wooden poles that alert cars not to turn down the trail. You’ll always have a stop sign.

The roads are typically quiet. From the Port Jefferson side, the last 3/4 of a mile takes you to the busiest road of the trail, here you’ll have to ride the road under a narrow overpass to reconnect with the trail. Sometimes I skip this part if the road is too crowded. Narrow road, combined with foot, cycle and motorized traffic? Too rich for my blood. There is another small parking lot just before this section and it makes for a natural turn around spot.

The trail might be short but the ride is satisfying. There is an old factory near the start of the trail on the Port Jefferson side. Usually it is a quiet graffiti covered husk. Sometimes it whirs and bangs. There are probably zombies inside, honestly. It fits.

Make sure your bike is tuned up and ready to go. While on the trail, my brakes started squeaking. Squeaking brakes on a hilly trail isn’t ideal, obviously. I took my bike to local bike shop, Campus Bicycle for some TLC. They fixed baby right up.

While waiting I took the time to frolic in Port Jefferson. It is a great little town and it is so difficult to pick one place to snack. Breakfast? Coffee? Treats? High tea? The choice is yours and yours alone. Me? Donuts from East Main and Main, and coffee and pastries from Locals, and hot chocolate from Tiger Lily (cash only). Not all at once! Just naming some of my favorites.

See you on the trails!



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