Bike LI: Veteran’s Memorial Park

Where: Veteran’s Memorial Park, Calverton

What: Bike (road, paved)

Snacks: Hollywood Sweets, Ridge

Let’s begin! I love Veteran’s Memorial Park and I love it even more now that the paved trail extends another five miles. Last year it was a mere six mile out and back (3 miles each way). This year they’ve extended it to sixteen miles (8 miles out and back!!!). You can walk / run the trail but there might not be enough visual stimulus to keep you going. I’ve seen rollerblades and skateboards too.

Getting there: Just east of the Wading River Motel on the opposite side of the road. I recommend the motel address for your GPS.

At the end of mile one you have the choice to continue on the trail or take Burman Boulevard. This road will intersect the trail again between miles six and seven.

Take the trail and you’ll be rewarded with a smooth meandering ride. Be mindful of deer, ticks and occasional areas with excessive sand, and fallen pine needles.

Miles five to seven are where things get interesting. Just after mile five you’ll see a cemetery to your left. It is small, overgrown and well fenced. I’m a touch superstitious and won’t take photos of cemeteries that aren’t tourist attractions. I also hold my breath when I ride by. It’s a hold over from being a little kid and believing that you can breath in souls.

After the cemetery you’ll come to a rail yard. You may think this is the end of your ride but don’t turn around just yet! If the gate to your left is opened, cross the tracks and ride right through. Yours truly isn’t sure if this is an active railway, be cautious.

Continue to follow the trail. When you get to the end you’ll know as the trail ends abruptly at the eighth mile. There appears to be room for further expansion (pretty please). You’ll also get your final, of many, tick warning signs.

You have a choice now – you can turn around and follow the trail back or you can take the intersection at Burman Boulevard and reconnect with the trail at the end of mile one. Taking the intersection makes your trip about twelve miles as opposed to sixteen.

After the trails take a trip to Hollywood Sweets for some post ride ice cream. It’s such a fun pairing. The ice cream parlor has dozens of flavors, candies and so many movie posters. Settle into their seating area for some board games.

See you on the trails!



Edit 9/29/2019: This trail is now a 9 mile loop.

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